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Relaunch Your Life Course Paid in Full

Individuals have said that this course has changed their lives for the better. Don't put yourself on the back burner any longer. Time to vest in yourself today at this amazing price while it lasts! 

In this package you get:

  • Access to the 84 video course with weekly homework assignments 
  • Once a week for six weeks in a live class with Dr. Rashieda
  • You’ve become a part of the exclusive online group to network with other people and get bonus content from Dr. Rashieda
  • You will also get a 20 min strategy call to jumpstart your blueprint
  • You will also get a signed copy of Dr. Rashieda empowerment book “Predestine For Greatness

*This purchase will charge the full payment of $497 today or if you select after pay it will be divided into 4 interest free payments.

What People Are Saying:

Relaunch was extraordinary. It was life changing. I went to the live conference with an open mind and received so much more. You can not put a price tag on the experience. The atmosphere shifted that night. Then to be blessed with the Relaunch course was another added layer of friendships and sisterhood. We were able to be vulnerable in a nurturing, loving, cultivating manner. The course allowed so much introspection. It forced one to become uncomfortable and that's when growth and change took place. Pastor Dr. Rashieda Timpson and Pastor Telly Timpson, I thank you both for being obedient and doing what thus says the Lord. I will be forever grateful for the love, encouragement, guidance and support. I thank God for placing wonderful, beautiful souls in my life. Peace and Blessings. Thank you ❤️

Shanda P.

Thank you so very much Dr.Rashedia Timpson for the Relaunch classes and all the very good information that the 80 plus modules that God gave you to give us i have made changes in my life and knowing myself better I had to dig deep in my Spirit and things I thought I was heal from was not in me writing my Blueprint for my life has totally inspired me to do better try harder and know that I can do all things through Christ who Strengthen Me, and I have even Strengthen my relationship with God I would recommend this program to all women who would like a new look on life so i thank Pastor Dr. Rashieda Timpson for all that you have put out for me May God Bless you 100 fro...for your Obedience, Faithfulness, and your Time, plus we have a sister hood connection safe place to check on each other from Drucilla Johnson 🙏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾‼️❤

Drucilla J.

Relaunch was epic‼️ The in person experience was absolutely Amazing‼️ Something the world at large needs‼️ I bless God for Pastor Dr. Rashieda Timpson who made all of this possible‼️ There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for this opportunity and blessing‼️ I’ve met some amazing people and we are family now‼️ If you haven’t joined yet, your missing out‼️ I have relaunched my entire life‼️🗣🙇🏽‍♀️🙏🏽🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🚀🚀🚀🚀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Latrella A.

Relaunch was a wonderful experience both in person and in the classroom. It brought women from different parts of the country together to affirm, love, and encourage each other’s best attributes that are locked beneath the surface. Beneath the limitations of our trauma, broken hearts, and shattered dreams. It caused each of us to plan, to forgive, to self edify and see ourselves are true image bearers of God, and to become more of who God made each of us to be on this side of heaven. I am grateful for the investment, and I honor those relationships that were made through this experience. I will take this experience with me wherever I may go as a reminder that I am who I am because of those who poured into my life and who seen me better then I see myself!

Paris P.

The relaunch was a great experience I met some phenomenal woman and gain some spiritual knowledge thank you Paster. 

Fonda J.

Relaunch was amazing thank you for the opportunity to be part of something special. It was an amazing experience. It was life changing for sure. I met so many amazing people and I learned so much. thank you for the opportunity and for taking the time to give ,tech , motivate , encourage, and inspire others and for that I'm truly grateful. Pastor Dr. Rashieda thank you again❤️

Rebecca G.